Electric BBQ Grills

The Modern Barbecue Styles & Tips For Summer 2017

Over the last decade, the United Kingdom has experienced drastic increase in the average number of barbecue held per family from about 2.5 per year to 10. This is a very impressive, considering our climate. In addition, it clearly shows that we have an increasing barbecue culture. And while we are still playing catch-up with our American cousins, the outdoor cooking culture certainly burns more and more in the UK.

There is no doubt that on both sides of the Atlantic, barbecue food motivates a real passion, and in the United States, at least, tough competition. And much like the garden furniture industry, consumer demand is stimulating product development and innovation.

The emerging outdoor food scene in the UK also leads us to try to recreate our home favorite dishes so as not to be afraid to try new styles of cooking. So with the British summer is officially booming (I know, do not laugh, this clamping down, as I'm sitting on this type too), we wanted to pick up some of the newest grilling products and dishes related to BBQ tips and trends.

Electric Grills

I think if I had not just bought a new gas grill within a year or so, I’d be going electric. There is a "cleaner" grilling of gas BBQ taken a step further. Like gas it is not necessary to clean the dirty charcoal afterward, but added more comfortable. There is no need for a gas tank, just plug and play.

I adore my gas grill and so a lot of you get a lot of BBQ’s out of a big tank, but it still seems to get an exchange for a bit of pain when it's completely empty. Carrying them in the car. In addition, you do not have a steamer, it is cheaper to run and some stuffs that is just not safe to have a gas grill. It takes a little space and good ventilation. No hot charcoal or gas, the risks of fire are considerably reduced, too, which is much safer for those of us with a smaller yard. Or you could even go as far as using electric barbecue on the balcony of the apartment safely. So if you fancy a transition to electricity, then take a look at the following recommendations, electric grills.

Remember Buy Locally

A localized sourced dish is becoming one of the most essential factors for many consumers. Not only for the barbecue butfor all the food. We all have access to the local farmers market or shop, a localized sourced products are even found in some of our supermarkets. And it is more than the latest gastronomic trend, there are many tangible benefits to finding local products.

  • Locally produced food is full of flavor. The crops are chosen at their optimal maturity in relation to its collection before being transported and distributed to the supermarket. Often products in local markets have been selected within 24 hours from the time of purchase.
  • You also have seasonal food at the right time to eat. The nutrients contained in our fresh foods reduce further, and because the time between harvest and your table is greatly reduced, higher nutritional value. Food imported from other countries is older, travelling and sitting in a distribution centre, before it even reaches the supermarket shelves.
  • Exactly where and how food is grown. You can be sure that animals are raised free-range and not in factories, and crops should be free of pesticides, etc.